I work in the CG industry, now I work as a light-compouser artist on animation projects for children, cartoons, TV series. At one time, I was drawn into the CG industry, because technologies do not stand still, and this is such a wide area, and now that I have plunged into the world of the crypto industry, I see how closely everything is intertwined and is developing so fast and swiftly.

I believe in the next generation of Web 3.0, that this is already our near future, sometimes we may not notice it, because we are inside.

Aptos will be one of the key guide, a grandiose project that, I believe in and this is an interesting experience, I have a great desire to develop and help the project as a small cog. I participated in the selection of AIT1 and set up a devnet node and support it at the moment for the experience. I follow the nodes and put them on a proven hosting, and I am also interested in programming in Linux. My discord Darya_Nau#6532