[AIT2] Dapplink Validator

Why are we involved in Aptos AIT2?
An academic approach pioneered by the Diem team, the block-stm (software transactional memory (STM) library) is to detect memory accesses to detect and manage conflicts. The STM library with optimistic concurrency control records memory accesses during execution, verifies each transaction, and aborts and re-executes the transaction if there is a validation conflict.)

who are we?
Dapplink is a team that explores the dapp ecosystem. Its main purpose is to build an ecosystem by understanding early projects, and to attract more users to participate in the ecosystem through applications. The ecosystems that have participated in the past include Ethereum, solana and polygon.

Why choose us?
Help us enter the testnet, so that we can better understand the underlying facilities, develop faster than the ecosystem, and participate in users earlier.

We are good at building NFT collectibles trading platform, creation platform, and related applications such as Swap and staking.

Cool Hope everyone can join in Let’s go