[AIT2] Dandea Validator

Hello World! I am a technical specialist, writer, graphic designer, individual validator in blockchain projects and also an Ambassador of Zecrey Protocol.

For the last year I have been diligently learning, working and maintaining networks in such famous projects as:

Rizon, PolkaDEX, IDEP, ONOMY, Zeitgeist, Evmos, Lukso, BitCountry, Pontem, Kava, Automata, Pillar, Zenon, Ironfish, Nym, Aleo, XX Network, KYVE, Meson, Archway, StarkNet, Subspace, Gear, Quai, BitCanna, SSV, Taraxa, Humanode, Massa, Celestia, Aptos and dozens of other projects.

Most of them I still support and communicate with the developers.

I am a member of the United Crypto community, which is actively involved in Blockchain & DeFi infrastructure development.

At the moment I am an Ambassador of the Zecrey project. It is a universal plug-in wallet. I also write articles and translate technical documentation for new users, and in my spare time I draw and design graphics. As well as with my team we run a Telegram channel where we put all actual announcements about projects we support, as well as news from crypto world.

I want to have the honor of being among you. And to support the project. Thank you!

My Social links: Website | Telegram | Teletype | Twitter | Medium | My Portfolio

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