[AIT2] daieazz Validator

Hello Aptos Community

Validator Name: daieazz

Hello all, Im Node Operator from Malaysia :malaysia:

Im Testnet Validator on other project such as IronFish and SubQuery. Now i join Aptos because im interested Aptos project and i want to be contributor and support Aptos.

I just finished my study in UI/UX, become a node operator is part of my passion as a experience collector.

Im using machine with specs:
16GB Ram
400GB Storage
24/7 online/running

Email: azharsarbudeen@gmail.com
Telegram: @azharsarbudeen
Discord: azharsarbudeen#8034
Twitter: @azharsarbudeen

I hope everyone who join, support and be contributor to Aptos will be rewarded :heart: