[AIT2] d0r10n Validator (🇦🇺)

Hi APTOS Community!

I’m a blockchain enthusiast, bought my first crypto in 2017, and started out mining with various types of hardware, such as ASICS (Antminer D3, L3, etc), CPU/GPU mining on home desktops and enterprise servers.

I also ran master/full nodes for various small crypto projects over the years on bare metal servers, VPS, and Cloud.

I have 15 years corporate experience in IT Systems admin/engineering covering enterprise grade server hardware, software, networks and systems and am now working in a mix of Systems/network/devops engineering. I also have a small IT consulting business.

  • General information: Orion I.T Consulting, Sydney, Australia
  • Technical Details: VPS, Cloud, but have lots of experience working in datacentres (from top tier such as Equinix etc to smaller private ones such as a dozen racks). Am currently in process of building out a small rack/server room for my consulting business that I’ll be hosting crypto-related infrastructure and nodes in.

I’m a tech nerd/enthusiast and have been building my own computers since the PC 286 days and have plenty of corporate/enterprise experience to back it up, good to be here supporting the Aptos community, please send an upvote! :slight_smile:

Aussie aussie aussie, oi oi oi!