[AIT2] cyberG validator

Hello. This is Vadym from cyberG validator.

Our team has been investing in cryptocurrencies and blockchain development for more than 5 years. We have been working as validators in the Cosmos ecosystem and other popular networks like Solana and Avalanche for more than three years. During this time, we managed to participate in more than 100 testnets and mainnets.

cyberG validator activitiy list

We are co-founders of DVS crew, Koinsortium, Validators school, DVS DIscord .

During this time, we have gained a lot of experience in ensuring the stable operation of our nodes and helping to create infrastructure for new projects. We commit a lot of time to researching projects at an early stage and try to help them .

We are an active member of the validator community and help newcomers become experienced validators. We are launching relayers in the Cosmos ecosystem to support IBC.

We are ready to help Aptos in creating documentation, creating a community and infrastructure.
To participate in Aptos tetsnet we use our bare metal server with stable internet and 24/7 support.
Please vote for us!

Our website: https://www.cyberg.digital/
Discord: cyberG#4889
Telegram: @cryptoq11
Github: cyberG Github


Really good application!


Hello, we previously met on Cyber! How are you? Wish you luck!
:grinning: :wink:


Well. Thank you! I hope will can improve Aptos together.


Immpressive application.
Wish you luck!

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my best recommendations for this validator

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Cool bro! I hope you will be selected!

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Thanks for support, guys.