[AIT2] CutTheWire validator 🧰

Hello, my name is Artyom, I am system engeneer from Saint-Petersburg.

I am engaged in the selection of server hardware, I also counsel clients on the maintenance of server systems. This usually concerns complex systems using a heterogeneous construction model (i.e. the interaction of Linux and Windows operating systems), so I have a lot of experience in servicing both. I am also a certified specialist in working with such equipment as Cisco, WatchGuard, Mikrotik.

I have been in the crypto relatively recently - since the end of 2020. Basically, I am engaged in finding very promising projects at an early stage and installing nodes for them. Under my wing there were nodes for such projects as Casper, Moonbeam, Frontier, Fetch.AI, Forta and many others.

I am fluent in English (my profession requires it), and Russian.
My server is a virtual server on one of the hypervisor servers and meets the minimum technical requirements at the time of registration in the testnet. The host server use KVM-virtualization, the server have is equipped with two Intel Gold 6242R processor running at 3.7-4.1GHz frequency. Resources are not a problem and I can safely add them if necessary.

Hope you will allow me to participate in the AIT2, thank you.

Discord - Derevenshina#1760
Telegram - Telegram: Contact @cutthewire

Best regards, Artyom.


Thanks for the voting and reactions :blush:

Its nice to see qualified engineers in our community. We need you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for your support. I appreciate it!

Don’t cut the wire, bro :joy:
Get my support also.

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Thank you very much :blush: