[AIT2] CrytoNode Validator

CryptoNode is having 10+ years IT experience. We have got experience on running several testnet nodes but growing at the same time quickly. Always monitoring the provided node service and not allowing it to have any type of error/downtime. We are trying to learn and at the same time help the blockchain and trying to be service provider for this kind of promising projects. If selected we will be always with the community and will not turn down even the success of this project will be late as we trust in this project.

Projects we are included: Sei Network, Quai Network, Minima, Starknet etc.

  • Name: CryptoNode
  • Email: [cryptonodee@gmail.com]
  • Telegram: @cryptonodee
  • Discord: CryptoNode#7859
  • Github: cryptonodee · GitHub
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