[AIT2] CryptoViet Validator

Dear Aptos community members,

I’m Jimmy from CryptoViet.

CryptoViet is not only an individual but also an organization with many experienced blockchain developers. We are also managing and building the Aptos Vietnamese Unofficial group where everyone can discuss, learn more about Aptos-related knowledges. We are currently Node Operator of KILT, Casper Network, Persistence,… For ex:

We want to participate in AIT2 and the upcoming AIT3, AIT4 because we want to prepare knowledges, experiences for the upcoming Aptos mainnet. We intend to be a Node Operator of Aptos Network in Vietnam.

Name: CryptoViet
Website: https://team.cryptoviet.com/
Location: Vietnam
Language: Vietnamese, English
Aptos Vietnamese Unofficial group: https://t.me/Aptosvietnamgroup
CryptoViet group: https://t.me/bvnewsgroup
FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/nghiencoin.cryptovietcommunity/

Machine: 10 vCPU/DDR 60gb/SSD 1,6TB/OS ubuntu 20.04


Let’s vote us.

Thank you!

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Gteat, this is huge, voted!!!

From CryptoViet Community

wow, great master!!!

Wow , I trust u will become master

Thank you for supporting me, I will vote to support Team Cryptoviet