[AIT2] cryptoved

Hello, I’m Cryptoved. I’m the creator of Telegram channel Cryptoved with 7000+ followers and 5+ years history in crypto posts. Also 2 years ago I started site with educational stories and news, it has about 300-500 views every day.

I have investment experience for 15+ years, among them are 5 in crypto fulltime. I participated in more than 300 projects on different stages from early PRE-ICO till market trading.

As for the technical issue: I participated in about 20 testnets from Seele, Graph, Mina, Hopr, Ironfish, Aptos (from first public steps) and others. Now I’m mainnet validator in Mina with 99.95% uptime.

Hope I can be useful to the community in matters of communication, writing texts and holding validator/FullNode.

Did you vote for me? I tell you - thank you!


Сryptoved has gathered a very close-knit crypto community, creates an informational agenda, and is looking for promising projects! My genesis friends on Mina protocol! I recommend it as a validator candidate!!!

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I support this noderunner and old school crypto community content author. Following him for years. :slight_smile:

One of the best crypto influencer in the world! Real crypto guru.

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Checked his media resources, looks like he has a huge experience and deserves to be a part of the project.

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I voted for you. good luck Cryptoved!

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