[AIT2] CryptoFamily

Vindependent validator. @Telegram: Contact @nodes_cryptomafia creator.

This is my personal blog about noderunning counting more than 440 participants.

My main vision and activity is to teach anyone how to set up and support his own node. that’s why I write guides, mostly in russian, create thematic ru/ chat on telegram, where I with some another enthusiasts help simple people with their troubles on the way to a successful node installation or participation in the event.

I’ve been doing this for about one years.It’s very inspiring.

At this moment I support many testnets (you can see the whole list on my telegram)

I’m creator and owner of following chats:

Here is my social, feel free to contact if you have any questions:

telegram: Telegram: Contact @CryptoMafiaAmba
discord: CryptoMafia#9303
twitter: @MafiaCryptoX

Thanks for your time, thanks for the chance. wish you luck and see you!


Great command. The best community what I know today) for me )

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