[AIT2] Crypto1nik Validator

Hi guys. I am an implementation engineer and system administrator at Digipax in Saint-Petersburg. We are engaged in the development and implementation of software that is associated with viewing and analyzing the results of diagnostic studies in medicine.
But I am also very interested in the topic of crypto, and especially the Aptos project. I have successfully passed AIT1, and would also like to participate in AIT2. I also get experience using Dev node.
I installed my validator and full node in my own home system with power and internet redundancy. Also my servers have a load balancer capability. I believe that I will be able to maintain my performance at a high level during the testnet.
I also have experience in participating and maintaining nodes of other projects such as Pontem, Minima, SSV, IronFish, Starknet, Gear, Subspace, Masa Finance, Massa, Subquery, Kyve, Humanode, Siu, Kujira, Defund, etc.
In a small community, I help other guys with installing and configuring linux systems and configuring nodes.
Thank you very much if you Voted for me! I will try to make my contribution to the project and the Aptos community as much as possible!

My Discord: Crypto1nik#5387

I speak English and Russian.