[AIT2] crstk validator 🇺🇦

Hi guys, I’m Aptos validator ( :grinning: ) . My name is Liana and I’m strong in nodes and communication. I’m ready to help you with almost any question about nodes, bash scripts, etc. I run a banch of nodes on this bullran from POS like NYM, Umee, so POW like Aleo, Iron Fish.

I’m from Ukraine. I speak Ukrainian, Russian, English.

You can contact me by discord Crstk#2817 but make a mark that you are from AIT2, please.

I prefere reliable companies byt Hetzner is enough for me for dedicated servers.


Guys from Ukraine, support me please. Thanks

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Якщо ти з України :ukraine: - тримай мій лайк та комент (голосувати вже не можу)

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Дякую :slight_smile: Так, з України

My support to Ukraine and Ukrainians! Let stay together!

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I’m for you You will succeed!!

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@fokssl Wow, thank you for your vote! It’s very important for me. Wish you luck :upside_down_face:

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