[AIT2] CrNepos aka Airnodes

Hello friends! My name is Ruslan and I’m investment and financial professional.

I’m crypto enthusiast and have been involved with Aptos since the very beginning. So, together with my friend versace1017, we created AptosRUcommunity telegram group where we help people on Aptos initial education, node running, translation of official Aptos articles into Russian, sharing news about the project, etc.

You can always contact me in Aptos RU Community on Telegram (@CrNepos) and on RU channel on Discord. Can communicate in English and Russian.

I use VDS server located in Helsinki for Aptos.

Thanks for voting for me!

Airnodes (http://airnodes.club/) - building the infrastructure for the crypto economy. Dedicated professional node running with low fees and best uptime. Provide a highly secure and stable core infrastructure for blockchains


Благодарю за telegram community!

Благодаря тг я много ценного для себя почерпнул в проекте Aptos.


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