[AIT2] comr8_nga

I’m @Comr8-Nga. I’m providing professional node running services as an individual.

I have ready infrastructure for rapid deploy a new testnet or mainnet nodes in most popular ecosystems (Polkadot substrate and Cosmos tendermint).

Now I am a validator in Mina, Solana (mainnet and testnet) and Realis networks.

Participation in testnets as a validator: Casper Labs, Near, Solana, Coda(mina), Clover, NKN, Moonbeam, NYM, Hopr, BitCanna, Axelar. Former Ether miner.

I’ve been fond of blockchain technologies since spring 2017.

Mina - Mina Block Explorer Solana (testnet) - Solana Validators | www.validators.app Solana (mainnet) - Solana Validators | www.validators.app

Github: Comr8-Nga · GitHub
Discord: Comr8_Nga#1319
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @Comr8_Nga
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GarifullinDenis
Medium: https://laltral14.medium.com/