[AIT2] coin_metrika

  • Hi. My name is Vadim. I’m the author of Coin Metrika channel. Our Russian-speaking community has more than 10,500+ crypto-enthusiasts. I’m breaking down tokenomics, making testnet guides on youtube. Example, first DEX testnet guide on Aptos. I’ve been following Aptos since March and introducing the project to the community.

  • Telegram channel https://t.me/CoinMetrika. Chat for all questions https://t.me/betpolcadot

  • We also keep the nodes. So Coin Metrika has 5 active nodes in NYM project with total delegations of 1,5 million NYM collected in 5 days. High uptime is maintained by a team of 3 professionals, always working in the interest of the community.


Thank you guys for the hard work you do for community :pray:


Сoin Metrika is smart approach to everything :heart: :heart: :heart:

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Waiting for mutual support, if it possible

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Thank you, you are very helpful

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Thank you Vadim! My vote is for you! Really appreciate the content you publish in TG channel!

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Success Coin Metrika

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слежу за Вадимом, все по делу и без воды. Успехов тебе!

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Great Validator coinmetrika!
Pls. Vote me back
Голосуйте взаимно