[AIT2] chuma187

Hello Aptos community!

I am a full time node operator.

I am a crypto enthusiast, my nickname is chuma187! I’m interested in Aptos, since the first announcements! I also participate in other testnets such as XX network, Solana, Subspace, Mina, KYVE, Moonbeam and others. I am also an ambassador for many ecosystems like Manta, Moonbeam, Acala. Thanks to monitoring, I always maintain uptime. I try to keep the nodes locally, but here I specifically rented them in the data center. It would be exciting to be part of Aptos.

  • Twitter - @Yurich71988220
  • Discord - 187#4813

Thanks for your time!


Hello my friend! Whatsupmen? my vote is your vote!


Take my vote. For you

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Take my vote, you earn it.

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Thanks! I will try to be selected!