[AIT2] chelyk God Save Aptos

I am a system administrator at an outsourcing company. I came into the blockchain field on the recommendation of my acquaintance and realized that I could stay here. In two years of study and practice I was able to become a full-fledged member of the cryptocommunity.

:small_blue_diamond:I have Windows and Linux management skills
:small_blue_diamond:Know the tools such as Ansible, Grafana, Zabbix
:small_blue_diamond:Experience in node deploying - 2 years
:small_blue_diamond:I’m a node operator in Swarm, Clover, Skale, Massa, Kylin, Solana, Ironfish, Joystream.

My native language is Ukrainian. Improving my English by communicating with native speakers and participating in various crypto projects.
I have Telegram - @spectatorrrr
And Discord - instachelo#8584

My specs:
I’ve dealt with a lot of providers. Right now my favorites are Ikoula, Hetzner, OVH and Pointer. From the last provider I rent a server for an Aptos node which has 16 cores 360GB SSD Disk and 32GB Memory.