[AIT2] changsheng-aptos

Hi, I am a senior developer with a few years of sysadmin tasks. Recently I am focused on docker, kubernetes & monitoring tasks (prometheus, grafana, loki stack). Been running multiple nodes & validators for ETH, Polkadot, Akash before. Experienced in GCP, AWS, Azure devops, able to debug problem and logs accurately.

I am from Singapore, fluent in both English & Chinese. Working at a software house locally as a dev + sysadmin.

Hit on me discord at changsheng.eth#2782 or Twitter @andygang369
One of my past tutorial in Akash testnet challenge:

Currently running my test validator and full node on GCP both 4 vcpu & 16gb ram with grafana monitoring & webhook alerting.

Thanks for everyone that voted for me. Love y’all <3