[AIT2] cashew validator node

Hello everyone!
My name is Mikhail and I am student of one of the best IT universities across my country. I have huge experience in mobile development (stack - Dart&Flutter) and advanced linux usage skills, because my job requires it.
I have completed a lot of testnets, such as AxelarSea, StarkSwap, BendDAO, Tapio&Taiga, TiTi Protocol.
Projects, which nodes I have operated (or currently operating): Masa, Massa, Minima, Subpace, Archway, Starknet, Razor Network, Aptos (non-incentivized stage).

Why should you vote for my validator?
I think that I am qualified enough to run and operate AIT2 testnet node, my server has stable internet connection and statisfies all system requirements, so there will be no problems with uptime.
Validator name: cashew

Thanks for your attention, feel free to ask any questions you have:
My Telegram: @cas_shew
My Discord: CASHew#9415,
My github: seemihail1 (mikhail_semenov) · GitHub.