[AIT2] bzrx validator

Hi, my name is Helen, I’m experience validator and testnet runner from Ukraine.
My hardware 4-16 core cpu, 8-64 Gb RAM, 50Gb - 500 Gb SSD/NVMe :boom:. I like Hetner for their support but it start getting worse last time a bit.

My node way started with the Nodes.Guru public ( @kinrokinro ), I thank them much.

Last year I run differen nodes but I like Massa (still going), Minima easy, Umee, Iron Fish, now is Aptos and I hope AIT2 will be top challenge.
I’m interested in effortless server management. Ping me in discord: Buzzler#3391 or by mail: buzzlergo@gmail.com

Give me some likes guys please! :heart_eyes: