[AIT2] bytemix validator

  • I’m as DevOp and QA, I amazed and inspired by creating reliable crypto systems, so I like to join Aptos testnet. I participated in testing and runnin testnet of GearBox, Evmos, Umee, NYM, Cosmos
  • Ukraine, Kyiv. I speak Russian, English, Ukrainian languages

You can contact me

  • Discord: sedukilla#2979
    Telegram: @sedukilla
    E-mail: sedukillia@gmail.com

  • I use servers from Hetzner, Contbo , Vultr because they are cheap and reliable. For monitoring I use Zabbix and Netdata, depending on project needs. I’m familar with bash scripting.

Wish all guys here some luck!

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@sedukilla Hi, it seems you’re strong onee, but why not many votes then? I gav you mine :smiley_cat: