[AIT2] BrothersInArm

[AIT2] BrothersInArm
Feel please to pick our Validator!
We are a company specializing in cryptocurrency investment and providing infrastructure for blockchain projects (please to access our website at: w3s.network).
We are providing infrastructure and community support for many projects, especially projects in the DotSama ecosystem. The members of our company are always active in the community, carrying on the mission of educating the community; to bring understanding and trust in blockchain projects, not just information or trading tips.
We participate in providing infrastructure not only to receive rewards, running Validator is mainly for the purpose of helping the project achieve its goals and thereby increasing our return on investment.
If selected, we will be the partner of the project until it succeeds, even if the market turns very bad or the reward become not equal to the cost.
Please to comunicate with us at:
Website: https://w3s.network
telegram: Telegram: Contact @web3vn; Telegram: Contact @BrothersInArm_HAV
Discord: Web3 Việt Nam; vuha|w3s.network (BrothersInArm)#1648


Hi there!
It’s BrothersInArm @ w3s.network.
Feel please to pick our Validator for the great Aptos project.
With your supporting to be selected, we will be able to help the project become really decentralized may help you make profit for your investment in project.
We are very appreciated for your supporting!
Thank you very much!

Wish you all the best :slight_smile:

Thank you. Brother!
You too!