[AIT2]Brasko Validator

Hi, I am markkbrasko and I have been working in the field of blockchain technologies for the last 5 years
Recently, I started studying in the direction of node management, I have basic skills in managing linux systems (containers and virtualization environments), in the past I worked briefly as a system administrator at a university.
I became interested in Aptos 6 months ago because of the background of the development team, the MOVE language, and the size of the attracted investments (I consider this point important for the development of large projects)
I was not selected for the first stage of testing, I hope to take part in this and bring some benefit to the community

Languages: English, Russian, I understand Italian
For the project I use VDS and VPS of various capacities and providers depending on the needs of the project

Previously participated in such projects as Solana/Subspace/Aleo/Massa/IronFish/Starknet/Minima and others

Telegram: @markkbrasko
Discord: markkbrasko#1328