[AIT2] bowo validator

Hello, my name is Bowo, and I’m from Indonesia. I speak Indonesian and English.

Why should you choose me? Since I’ve been interested in cryptocurrencies for a while, I’ve run nodes multiple times before aptos nodes were initially publicized. As the owner of a Telegram group for Indonesian cryptocurrency aficionados, I am currently also taking part in my role as a Cube Network ambassador. You can find me on the Telegram channel EO Community and Discord with the user name slamettttt#7560. I assist many of my members in understanding nodes, particularly Aptos Labs.

I am currently running multiple nodes such as, Quicksilverd, Meson, Massa Labs, SubQuery, and SUI. I use 2 servers to run nodes with capable specifications

Twitter : @Exinos2
Telegram : BB22
Channel : Telegram: Contact @EOCommunity
Discord : slamettttt#7560

keren ngab slamet semoga sukses kita semua anjay kelas bekbekbekbek