[AIT2] bluecanary

Hello world!

  • For me Aptos is new level of blockchain industry.
    I really exiting about mission of Aptos - to create universal and fair access to decentralized assets for billions of people.
    I follow this project from early stage and try to not loose the chance to be the part of community of future.
    Also i am already participated in devnet and first Incentivized Testnet of Aptos.

My skills starting from many others crypto projects with testnets, mining, ambassadors programm and etc what i already did in last few years in projects like : Goldfinch, Golden, Evmos, Nym, Aleo, Onomy, Ironfish, Archway and so on… I really try to be deep in crypto and learning all new things what can be important for that.

  • Discord: Bluecanary#6749 , Location: Thailand, English, Thai
  • Communication Channels: https://nodes.guru/
  • Technical Details: Server location: Germany, Server specification: 6 cores / 16ram /400gb