[AIT2] BloClick

Hi there!

this is BloClick Staking, mainnet validator on Solana, Moonbeam, Moonriver, Mina, Oak, Zeitgeist, Velas, Polkadex, Regen, BitCanna, Ixo, Fetch, Assetmantle, Umee, Gravity Bridge, Chronic, Forta and some other Cosmos-Tendermint based blockchains. We have over 25 years of DevOPS experience in the aviation sector, where SLA is even higher than that needed on blockchain environments.

Check our website at https://bloclick.com. We’re located in Spain and can give support in English, Spanish, German and French.

Reachable at Discord on the Aptos DD as well as on Telegram @Peloclick

We always have dedicated infra (Bare metal) on mainnet environments and, depending on the needed performance, offer bare metal for testnets as well. 24/7 Monitoring based on grafana + phone alerts is on place for all mainnets.

Glad to get your support!


Hello you :slight_smile:

I know him, very good validator ! :slight_smile:

A highly qualified validator, I know about him firsthand, together we were in the collator genesis set in Moonbeam/Moonriver.