[AIT2] Blockshark Validator

Hi Lads,

Its BLOCKSHARK team here. Our dedicated engineers are professional with 10-15 years experience in the industry. Our system is monitored 24/7 by system admin with assistance of Prometheus and Grafana monitoring system.

We don’t use centralized Data Center like AWS/Google but have our own Server Farm with Power Generator, Air Conditioner, secured access to make the network decentralized as possible.

We are currently running validator/mining nodes for: Aptos, Agoric, Filecoin, Radix, Aleph Zero, Celestia, Sei, Subspace, Chia.

Our website: https://blockshark.net
Location: Hanoi, Vietnam
Languages: English (fluent) and Vietnamese (native)

Please vote for us we will work hard to make Aptos the best Layer 1 network.

địa chỉ đâu thế bác.

Long Biên nhé bạn. :wink: