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Website: https://www.blockscope.net/

Bio: At Blockscope we are qualified and experienced professionals (computer engineers) dedicated to providing high grade infrastructures and developing Web3 applications for blockchain projects. We’ve received development grants from the Solana Foundation and the Near Foundation, and also foundations delegations on many projects. We believe in a Web3 world, where users have the power and control over society and finance, that’s why we help build the Web3.

Infrastructure: we deploy high grade and secure infrastructure, with top hardware dedicated servers (cloud and on-premise), we also provide containerization and virtualization in some services, as well as block signing protection mechanisms.

Development: monitoring/alerting tools for the Solana Foundation, network explorer for Near Protocol, monitoring bots for Cosmos projects.

Validators: Near, Mina, Solana, Velas, Cartesi, Polkadex, Oak Network, Fetch.ai, Umee, Gravity Bridge, Ixo, Kichain, Asset Mantle, Galaxy, Chronic Token, Omniflix.

Location: Spain

Languages: spanish and english

Email: blockscope@protonmail.com
Medium: https://blockscope.medium.com/
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @blockscope
Discord: feida | Blockscope#8484

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