[AIT2] Blockdaemon

:wave: Hello everyone!
I’ve worked in software engineering for my entire 10+ year career. I was involved in crypto 4 years ago and now: I have experience in blockchain and server management.
I am managing nodes on Moonbeam, Gravity bridge, NYM and HOPR. Also, I attended multiple test networks like Archway, Celestia, Massa, Subspace, Aleo, KYVE, etc.

Language: English, Russian
Discord: AlkH#9569

Technical details:
I am using VDS and VPS depending on node’s requirements, using monitoring and notification tools for better management.

Thanks and Best Regard!


You have a wonderful experience and you are a worthy candidate, I hope you get elected!

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Dear Aptos Team, a good guy should be taken !

Up vote :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Support know him from many testnets

Signed up to vote for you!

Helped me a lot on different project! Trustworty candidate!

I’m happy to see you here :dizzy: