[AIT2] BITKATE Node Validator

Hello! My name is Kate. I have been actively involved in working with nodes for quite a long time and am looking for new opportunities for development. I took part in AIT1 and really want to continue to expand the possibilities of the project.

At the moment I am the node operator of such projects as: StarkNet, SubSpace and Sei Network. Previously, she was the node operator for the Archway project. I also take an active part in projects, test networks and am ready to devote a lot of time and work with quality to a project that will provide such an opportunity. Working with the project, we are completely immersed in it: we not only keep the nodes, but also take an active part in design projects and translations of articles. I work with a team of experienced professionals. It includes: programmer, artist-designer and copywriter, translator. This helps us competently organize the workflow and invest 100% in the project.

For nodes and other applications, we use new servers from leading manufacturers (dell, hp, supermicro), selecting characteristics for the needs of the project. servers are placed in tier3 level data centers with power and internet reservation. to ensure the safety of data, we use backup, to ensure availability, we use zabbix monitoring systems.

I have a great desire to participate in the testnet, and further, in the main network. Thank you for your attention.

Contact me:
E-mail: lusiksnusik@protonmail.com
Telegram: BitKate ED | Kat
Discord: :gem:BitKate :gem:#5036