[AIT2] bitconnect93

Hi, my name is Andrii.

  • Experience in crypto since 2015: mining, trading, investing, ICO/IDO. Currently I am active node runner/ ambassador in numerous crypto projects and testnets (Minima, Ironfish, Bitcountry, Subquery, Massa, Masa Finance, Humanode, Penumbra, Gear, Aleo, Hopr, Goldfinch, Zeitgeist, Aleph Zero, Kyve, SSV).
  • Organization - DoubleTop (https://doubletop.io/)
  • VPS and dedicated servers with 8-32 CPU cores, 8-30 RAM, 500GB - 1TB SSD/NVME, Ubuntu 20.04.
  • I speak English, Ukrainian and russian languages. My telegram: Telegram: Contact @theodore_rooseveltt

Good. Andrii keep moving