[AIT2] BidjOid. Hello everybody!

My name is Artem. I’m digital marketing specialist. Joined the crypto world in 2021 (Not so long than others, but learned a lot)
I have a good experience in running nodes, such an Massa, Iron Fish (in the first 100 of leaderboard in both phases under a graffity BidjOid), Aleo, SubSpace, Celestia. Monitoring them 24/7. I speak Russian and English.
Joined to the Aptos community since beginning. Active in discord, joined the AMA’s
I will be happy to be a part of second phase of the testnet, earlier was trying to join to the first episode of the testnet, but there was no luck. I hope this time it will work out.

Technical Details:
I use two identical VPS servers: one for the validator node, the second for the full node
4 vCPU, 8 Gb RAM, 160 Gb of disk space on fast NVMe SSD which can be increased at any time, 1 GBit/s bandwidth each server

Discord: Kosmokrator#9577
Telegram: @artyomcheloveg

Thanks for voting for me!


Good luck! i hope you will be chosen

Great presentation, good luck!

Cunning crew, good luck on the path

And you are cool! Let’s be friends!

Good candidat, good luck

Good skills, good luck!

Thanks, bro, and you too!!

Wish you the best of luck, mate

Good luck BIDJO!!!

GL mate! Hope u’ll be chosen!

Best wishes mate! You deserve to participate in this testnet. Good luck!

Cunning crew. Good luck! Let’s be mutual