[AIT2] Baryon - Notable Validator

Baryon is an investment firm dedicated to support early stage protocols with great potential by building community, strategic investments and node operation. Our value lies on hands-on engagement, focusing on activities that can add value to the ecosystem. We are involved with governance, building tools and onboarding new members to the community.

Our team members have various experiences in various sectors such as business, dev-relations, community. That’s why, before and after Aptos goes mainnet live, we are best suited for a regional partner for Aptos network.

1) Security
Security is one of the areas where validators should put significant considerations. We always separate the validator node from network and protect the validator node with multiple Sentry Nodes. Indeed, our validator node only establishes private connections to our multiple sentry nodes so that it could be protected.

2) Reliability / Performance
We have experiences and know-hows on ensuring high availability, stability and performance. We are currently utilizing 5+ major cloud services. By keeping ourselves cloud-agnostic, we could provide consistent node operation service to the networks we participate.

Homepage: https://www.baryon.capital

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