[AIT2] Barbie Node

Hello, you can call me barbie el, i’ve experienced on some testnet on akash, sui and sukhavati.
i’m new on move language, still trying to learn it, but i’m having an experience on php,sql,javascript and ofcourse ubuntu things.

mostly i’m communicating on whatsapp, but i can’t post my number publicly.
so anyone could contact me on my telegram @NajEntertainment
i can speak on 3 languages: english, bahasa indonesia, javanese.

i’m running all my server on Vultr, it’s stable for me to stick on them already for more than a years.
my maximum instance are up to 40 vCPUs, 160 GB RAM and 10 TB Bandwidth.
i’m not deploying big machine at time launch an app, i’ll only try use the minimum, then scale up till it going big.

thank you for let me in as Aptos Validator on AIT2.
vote me if you want to see the Barbie shining :slight_smile: