[AIT2] babadumi Validator

Hello and thank you that you are reading it !
It sphere I started from php in 2010 and works there. In 2018 I bougt my first minners (LTC and BTC) and started my way in crypto. Since may 2020 I started my way in nodes . participated in many testnets and crypto events.
In technical terms, I know Linux like the back of my hand, I write simple scripts and bots on python. Now I using VDS server on Contabo with 12 threads, 48 RAM, 360 GB NVM; node intalled with out any scripts.
Some of the projects I’m currently doing : Solana TDS+Mainnet+DevNet, Neonlabs, NYM, Quicksilver, Subquery, XX network, NEAR, KIRA, BlockPi (HOPE to add APTOS here :upside_down_face:)
P.S. discord since march -