[AIT2] avkarcr - I support beginner noderunners

Hi there! I am Alexey aka avkarcr. I run industrial IT projects (about 200 team members) in the field of budgeting, finance, investments and automation for IT. My hobby is python, SQL, django, PHP. So I am inherently a backender. Now I look forward to coding for web3.
I support beginner noderunners who just came in. Please watch my playlist below (Russian language) for helping community in operating Linux Ubuntu servers for noderunners (beginner level). At the time of this post it has about 840 views.
Let’s share our experience for creating a strong community.


Great job! Good luck with AIT-2 :four_leaf_clover:


Интересно однако… Так и хочется сказать «Где бабки Зин?