[AIT2] audi (Validator)

  • Hi to all ! My name is Maryia and I’ m QA-engineer, in cryptoworld since 2020. Think I qualified node operator, participated in many testnet ( some famouse: Certik, Mina, Solana, HOPR, KEEP, Avalanche and others). Now have mainnet nodes in Agoric, Solana, HOPR, NYM, MINA,Avalanche. Know linux, bash, Ci/CD
  • Maryia, belarus girl located in Vladivostok
    Audi#4222 my dicord
    6846921@gmail.com is my email.
  • Using VDS with 12 cores and 21 threads , 64 RAM ( can be swapped ), server is located in Germany. Also installed Grafana+prometheus for logs & monitoring.
    Thank’s for attention! :heart: :heart: :heart:

Hope everything works out for you!

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thank’s also wish you luck !