[AIT2] atrofir (node runner)

Hi! My name is Anna and I can be considered a qualified node operator, because I have been participating in various testnets for more than 2 years and helping to maintain the security of crypto projects. I raised nodes in Mina Protocol, Solana, Forta, Sui, Subspace, Celestia, Anoma, Starknet, Iron Fish https://testnet.ironfish.network/users/20551.

I really want to participate in this testnet, because I like the Aptos project, I like the global goals that it sets for itself, and I would like to help it achieve these goals.

Now the era of blockchain, crypto and web 3.0 has come. There are already quite a few large infrastructure projects on which entire ecosystems are built, such as Ethereum, Cosmos, Polkadot or Solana. But it is clear that the distance is long and there is always a place for new strong projects. Such a project, I believe, is Aptos - an advanced first-level blockchain, secure and scalable. That’s what makes it super interesting to me.


Anna is an excellent coach and always helps with advice on how to install a node

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Anna, I support you in this vote, because you deserve to take this place, go for it!

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