[AIT2] artkirillov validator

Dear Aptos community,

My name is Artem and I’m a tech guy working as a software engineer. Apart from that I’m a huge crypto fan and enthusiast who’ve been in crypto since 2018. I love exploring what new projects are about and always happy to help builders by participating in any kind of events and testnets.

I’m located in London (GMT), speak English and Russian. Most of the time you can ping me on Discord or Telegram.

Node operation experience: I’ve been running quite a few nodes in testnets as well as devnets. Here are some of them: Massa, Aleo, IronFish, Celestia, Sui, SubSpace.

Infrastructure: Usually I use dedicated servers from hostings located in EU, UK or USA. Concrete characteristics depend on a project requirements and might be expanded if needed.

I use old school setups automated by some Bash scripts and monitored with Grafana.

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