[AIT2] aptosLaser

Hello everyone, I’m laser, from Romania, our country is not big, but many people are very interested in blockchain technology. It should be a year ago that I known the Aptos, and I have following the progress of aptos all the way. Now I have the opportunity to participate in the node construction, so i took a lot of effort to participate in the first time.

about why you chose my validator:
0x1. I have been engaged in network programming for many years, and have a natural sense of familiarity with blockchain. From 2015 to the present, I have almost participated in the on-chain interaction of all new blockchain technologies.
0x2. I am familiar with the task of building nodes, and there are basically no major technical difficulties for me, so I am full of confidence in the usual maintenance and participation in the next step.
0x3. Although there are not many people in Romania, but as a European country, we have great demand for blockchain, and building nodes here can better serve users in the region.
0x4. I usually have more personal free time and can participate more deeper in projects.

Thank you for your trust and vote