[AIT2] AptosENKI and AptosYATA (Range)

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Many have already seen their awards. Now the team is checking and making corrections (information from discord). I want to thank the team and all the participants. I would especially like to note the fact that blocking per year is very attractive to me. This will remove the temptation to sell tokens today. And in a year we will see a very high price of Aptos. At the same time, even this will not mean that we will sell. Aptos is a top project, with a top team. Thanks!
More information here - Aptos Labs - Opening the gateway to the Aptos Network


Later in more detail, now like this!!!


"The next gen of Web3 is here, and Aptos is leading the way!

In case you missed it, Aptos is making waves across networks. We’re proud to see our friends at Polygon and Flow Blockchain adopt Aptos research on consensus algorithms and parallel engines ~ the foundation for Aptos Block STM tech!

Together, we’re welcoming the next generation of Web3 users with faster, safer networks that people can trust!"

Learn more about it here:

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  • General information: discord - Range#4533 (Range)

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