[AIT2] Aptosbot Validator

Hi all, I’m Phap.

I am a crypto team from Vietnam. We discussed airdrop, bounty, giveaway, node, staking and introduced new projects to our community through AMA events,

I’ve been running the nodes in many projects such as **Sei Network, Masa Finance, Massa Labs, Subquery, aptos. Of all the projects that i’ve been running to, I’m able to be qualified as a good and an experienced node operator.

because Only 200 people were selected for the AIT2 testnet event. I hope all participants who take part in this event will also get a reward. because we have wasted time, thought and money. to try this project. and we have verified identity ID and bought vps for this event

Hope you have a good day


да все верно сказано только скажите что тут делать

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Well, it is a decision of the team, so let it be. Participate in other activities and you’ll be rewarded for sure.

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