[AIT2] aptos1hexacube

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  • Brief description, background, experience, and key achievements (~500 characters)
    – We are a small group of crypto enthusiastic including software developers, business analysts and investors. We have previously participated in Chia node operating and farming. We are the largest solo Chia farm in New Zealand(Over 1.4PB of storage). We also ran Bee Swarm testnet. Have successfully participated in AIT1 with 100% uptime.
  • General information: Organization Name, Website, Location, Languages
    – Org Name: Hexacube Limited(NZ registered)
    – Location: New Zealand
    – Languages: English, Chinese
  • Communication Channels, Related Articles + Tools
    – DC: 2171#1075
  • Technical Details (maybe just a paragraph about infrastructure)
    – We have many high end pcs(i9 64gb 4TB ssd). We use them to run aptos validator and nodes.
    – Although not running in Datacentres, we run our node under gigabit fibre network.
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