Ait2-aptos-nodevalidator-voting-from indonesia

Hello Aptos community, I am from the Indonesian community, we are a small Proof-of-Stake node operator and staking provider. We are an international team with extensive experience in IT systems architecture, development and management. Our mission is to make a decentralized financial system available to everyone. Our goal is to make everyone earn income and other benefits from staking without a third party. contribute to the development of web3 because we believe in the future of blockchain technology.

The basis of our work is security, transparency, 24/7 monitoring, timely updates, high uptime and high performance hardware.

DomiNodes deploy high-performance servers on a geographically distributed infrastructure of top-tier data centers around the world. A secure virtual private network is used to connect and manage the entire infrastructure. All services are duplicated and make regular backups. Maximum node uptime is provided by a highly reliable monitoring and backup system.

We help secure the network and participate in governance. We operate validator and collator nodes in several projects such as Kusama, Moonbeam, Moonriver, Centrifuge, Polkadex, SORA, Stafi, Edgeware, Darwinia, DarwiniaCrab, Dock, ChainX. And also actively participates in various testnets.

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Aku xpksa u main dgn abg booking jer klu dh ye u