AIT2 | APTOS Nodes, validator bachtiar21

Hello everyone, my name is Bachtiar from indonesian crypto group, i am experienced enough to run a nodes or validator in every project, i ask for your support to vote if you are interested in what i write

  1. Be specific for my experience :
  • Validator / Staking Pontem
  • Validator full nodes on Cosmos Network
  • Validator full nodes on Substrate Polkadot
  • Participate Subspace validator
  • merge Gent-x Frotier
  • Merge Repository on github
  • Ironfish validator
  1. find me on :
  1. Offer value :
  • learn together to operate node
  • Learn More about source code
  • Free Tutorial about nodes / validator
  • I will publish all the explanations on the website, to make it easier for you to find knowledge about nodes

Dont forget to voting me on AIT2
good luck everyone :slight_smile: