AIT2 APTOS community vote (Gulo Research)

Participate in AIT2 APTOS selection

Gulo Research community established in 2018 which consists of 200 experienced participants, where I study together about blockchain developments, also about how to participate in Tesnet validators and on Mainnet in certain projects.
thank you for your support to support Gulo Research for the opportunity to register with AIT2 Validator APTOS

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With pleasure, thank you for the Gulo research community.

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friendly and nice community :))

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LFG Gulo Research. Nice and helpful community :fire:

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In Gulo we trust ,LFG boys

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Previously I had also run a testnet node on various projects, yes, IRON FISH, ALEO, FORTA

I strongly support gulo nodes in running validator , before he also runs validator Forta

Thank you appreciate