[AIT2] Aptemuyc Validator

My name is Artem. I’m a professional validator, running testnet services for more than two years, now, after passing the number of testnets I’m running the stable and reliable validator services in the mainnet-production for: the Oasis Network, Solana, The Graph, Mina protocol, and etc
My reference to GitHub is: aptemuyc (ARTEM LAZARYEV) · GitHub . My discord: Aptemuyc (ARTEM LAZAREV)#5646

I’m working on dedicated hosting services like Hetzner, OVH, as well as Vultr/DO and setting up the monitoring and alerting systems by default (prometheus+grafana is my favorite solution now), also running the back-up full nodes and hot-swap back-up nodes for my mainnet solutions.

List of the blockchains I’m running the Mainnet Validator now:

Oasis Mainnet - completed testnet and received the delegation from Foundation for running the Mainnet Validator: Link to the validator:

Solana Mainnet (and now I’m mainnet-beta qualified validator, with the stake received from Development team), Validator Link:
https://www.validators.app/validators/68EWE8SmV58oRG9JJELNDt8Y6MuWBbfraoT67KFw5Ath?locale=en&network=mainnet&order=&refresh= and etc
The Graph Mainnet - completed testnet, received Foundation Rewards, and now running the indexer in Mainnet. The indexer is now in a private mode (100%) commission. Mina Protocol - completed testnet, received Foundation Rewards Mina Block Explorer

There are other projects in testnet stage I’m involved in currently. I want to participate in a new, revolutionary Aptos blockchain that will achieve unprecedented success and true decentralization.

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