[AIT2] Application - Coman

Hello all, really glad to be here. I’m a business economics M.Sc student from Finland, and been in the crypto space since 2017 (like probably most of us). As an investor I’m mostly a fundamental one, which brought me to Aptos given their solid backing and strongly decentralized vision. I’m also running a mid-sized crypto-VC with seed/private investments in StarkWare, Aurora and Numbers Protocol to name a few.

I’ve studied technical developing along my business studies, and currently I’m running nodes for StarkNet, Forta, Mina Protocol and soon Myria. Previously I’ve successfully ran testnet nodes for COTI as well. I’ve also always compounded the rewards, thinking of the long game rather than look for short-term profits. I’m actually running two Aptos validator + fullnode combos even if we can participate only with a single one.

I’d be delighted to have the opportunity to keep Aptos secure and decentralized and build together towards a prominent widely used blockchain in the coming years.

Best regards!


You sure sound like a man on a mission! GL

It sounds great to hear from ya