[AIT2] AnkaStake Validator

We, AnkaStake, are a new startup experienced in various IT domains and blockchain space.

We are currently operating on Oasis Mainnet, Oasis Testnet, Oasis Cipher Paratime, Subspace Network and Casper Testnet. The combination of expertise in our team means that we are able to add value going forward beyond just being a node operator. We believe we can contribute to Aptos enrich its ecosystem and increase adoption. We would like to contribute and to be in the project that is aware of the problems in blockchain technology and has the vision to solve them.

General Information: AnkaStake, web: https://ankastake.com Location: Turkey, Languages: Turkish, English
Communication Channels: hello@ankastake.com

Technical Details: Tier 3 data center selection and multi-cloud redundancy enable highly performant and secure inftrastructure for Ankastake to care customers’ stake.

Thank you